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Well the *food* turned out well....

I was having friends over for dinner tonight. Except they couldn't come because their child was sick. And I didn't know this until dinner was ready. So I made lots of food. (Don't worry, you guys, if you're reading, I'm not upset! But I do want to see you. And you can just see what you missed from this post). And it was all really good. My roommate and I ate quite a bit of it, and actually got to chat, so it turned out okay.

But, I made:

Butternut squash soup
Rice with mushrooms and herbs
Kale with onions and balsamic vinegar to go with sauteed boneless chicken thighs, cut up in pieces, with garlic
(I was going to serve salad too, but there weren't lots of people)

Coffee cake from this recipe posted almost two years ago by mrs_piglit .

I was looking for how I made the butternut squash soup two years ago (I've made it since, but I could have sworn I posted a recipe then--I didn't find it, but the soup turned out good anyway). Anyway, I found that recipe, and decided it would be a good thing to make. I didn't have nuts, and I kind of put too much of the batter in the bottom and covered it the first time, so the top was all a bit messy and sugary, but it's very very good.

The soup, yes. It turned out quite good, though I'm not sure what I did--I was doing other things at the time. Roasted a butternut squash yesterday. Scooped it out today and dumped it in a pan with water and veggie boullion paste. Cooked it for awhile. Added spices (salt, pepper, crushed red pepper, cumin, coriander (maybe), ginger, garlic... uh, probably some other things). I like it, and according to the roommate, it is good. Pureed it with a stick blender. That was it. Very very easy. And it's vegan. The one I remember writing a recipe for had dairy in it. This one was totally fasting. No oil. Oh. I didn't put onions in it. Well it turned out okay anyway. I should figure out what to add to it to put protein in it, it would be a good meal then.

The other stuff doesn't even really have a recipe to it, I think I've posted about how to cook kale this way, before, but I can post again if anyone is curious.

Last night I baked butternut squash (for the soup) and potatoes, some of which I had for lunch, and bacon some of which I also had for lunch, with the potatoes. And ate turkey sausage from Trader Joes, with rice. And some of the bacon. Bacon is very dangerous. It is very easy to eat large quantities of it. I bought it, and made a bacon, green onion, and mushroom omelette, on Saturday, entirely due to ceiling_taffi 's pernicious influence. :P

And now it is after 11 o'clock, and I think I should finish the last few dishes and go to bed.

And I need to have people over for dinner more often. Anyone want to come? Actually, there are several of you who must come over soon!

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