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On Friday night I made the pumpkin cheesecake from Wow.  Yum!! I was going to bring it to our church bazaar, which was this weekend, but it didn't turn out pretty enough to be sold for $2 a slice. I thought I'd bring it to work, but between my roommate and I, there's about a quarter of it left. Maybe I'll take the rest Wednesday if there's still some.

I spent the whole weekend, pretty much, at the bazaar. I worked in the bookstore. We sold a lot of books. I had interesting semi-theological conversations with the other people working there. I thought of lots of ideas for what to do with the bookstore--I may help out with it this year. I may not. We'll see. I showed lots of people the pocket Psalter I bought, but I refused to sell it to anyone. We need to get stuff like that in the bookstore, and get rid of.... some other things. Maybe sometime I'll post about Books That Do Not Belong In Our Bookstore.

Yesterday evening I did nothing, except be exhausted after getting home after 7 pm.

Tonight, I stopped by and saw the partial installation of cabinets in my parents' kitchen (my parents are remodelling their kitchen! after almost 30 years of living in the house! The kitchen was far from new when they moved in). I think it's going to look nice. And then stopped by mrs_piglit 's house to pick up things for ceiling_taffi , whom I am going to visit (leaving Wed night!). 

And I got home after 8 and am now doing laundry and baking pumpkin bread. The loaves are almost done, and I baked the extra btter I had in a muffin tin, and am eating one of the muffins. Very good. I used the rest of the can of pumpkin I opened for the cheesecake. No waste! Yay! I used the recipe from the 1970's Betty Crocker Cookbook (the orange one...), but I added ginger and nutmeg--the recipe only called for cinnamon and cloves. Otherwise I think I followed the recipe mostly--butter instead of shortening, just used the pumpkin I had left since it was about right, I thought.

I think my clothes are probably done drying. I am SO not ready to leave the day after tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll get there. Today I found the shoe repair place at Southcenter--do all shoe repair places look sort of dark and dingy and sketchy? I don't think I've met one that didn't. I think I should probably bring cash tomorrow--I just left my shoe there for pick up tomorrow. Hope it works out well, the buckle came off my pretty Dansko Mary Jane shoe and I want to wear them on the trip.
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